Living Assistance
Administrative Offices
Academic Affairs Office
Academic Affairs Office has the following subordinate units: Registration Division, Curriculum Division, Center for Teacher Development, and Center for Education Development. The staff in the office is devoted to offering high-quality service to the students
 and faculty.
Student Affairs Office
Student Affairs Office has the following subordinate units: Student Assistance Division, Student Activity Division, Sport Division,
Health Center, and Student Counseling Center. One division leader is responsible for student affairs on Sanchih Campus. Based
on the core values of Dr. Mackay’s belief, “Rather burn out than rust out,” and the college’s core values, Honesty, Respect, Love, and
Diligence, the Office of Student Affairs strives to serve students. We aim to create a friendly learning environment where students can
be fostered with the attitudes and values of MKC (Morality, Kindness, and Caring). Meanwhile, we provide a counseling web with three levels to assist students in need so that they can learn to be a modern civilized citizen with optimism, cooperation, caring and self-growth.
General Affairs Office
General Affairs Office has five subordinate divisions: General Affairs Division, Construction and Maintenance Division, Sanchih
General Affairs Division, and Property Management Division. Each division has a leader and several staff members.
The Office of General Affairs provides essential services to the campuses with a wide variety of ranges, supporting its normal operation of administrative offices and academic departments.
Environmental Safety and Health Center
The center is responsible for the monitoring and management of energy consumption, health and safety management, natural disaster prevention and emergency and rescue on campus.
Chaplain's Office
Chaplain's Office plays the role as the missionary of gospel and has the responsibility to complete the mission of God to spread the
gospel on campus. May God add grace, wisdom, and spirituality of life to the Chaplain and co-workers in Mackay. Let us bravely take
up the Cross and follow Jesus the Lord. Just as what Dr. Mackay said, " Rather burn out than rust out," we serve God and spread His
 love to create more wonderful spiritual lives.
Office of Technology Cooperation
The division hopes to be a channel between the college and industries. We devise different projects that enhance students’ abilities in employment and entrepreneur. We also try to propose international exchange programs, so that our office can assist the faculty’s researches, students’ career planning and our school’s upgrade from junior college to college.
Office of Library and Information
The department was established in 1999, as the merger of the two units of Computer Center and Library. The chief is  Han-Chun Lu, responsible for making policies of school library and information, integrating the library and information resources and development,
and maintaining the stability of library and information systems.
Military Office
This division is responsible for the planning and teaching elective courses of the national defense and military training, student life counseling, military service consulting, and campus security. The division also has a 24-hour campus patrol, dealing with emergencies
 and student safety.
Personnel Office
The Personnel Office aims at building a comprehensive and reasonable personnel system so as to improve the workforce efficiently.
Accounting Office
This office intends to offer the best accounting service to the whole school. As a customer-oriented office, we efficiently and
transparently deal with the accounting information with constant pursuit of excellence as our goal.
Contact Us
Guandu Campus
  • Telephone number: (02) 2858-4180
    • Extension numbers of offices and departments:
    • Office of Academic Affairs: 2111 (for enrollment or registration)
    • Curriculum Division: 2113 (for courses)
    • Office of Student Affairs: 2141 (for student loans and scholarship)
    • Military Office and Student Life and Counseling Division: 2155 (for dormitories, school beginning, and campus life)
    • Cashier Division: 2163 (for tuition)
    • Security guard office: 2173
    • Department of Nursing: 2221
    • Department of Early Childhood Care and Education: 2251
    • Department of Geriatric Care: 2261
    • Department of Food and Beverage Management: 2271
    • Department of Cosmetic Science and Management: 2281
Sanchih Campus
  • Telephone number: 02-2636-6799
    • Extension numbers of offices and departments:
    • Office of Academic Affairs 3111
    • Office of Student Affairs: 3141 or 3144
    • Military office: 3154
    • Office of General Affairs: 3161
    • Department of Nursing: 3221
    • Department of Early Childhood Care and Education: 3251
    • Department of Applied Foreign Languages: 3261
    • Gender Equality: 7777
    • Complaint: 8855